Having Choices

Be Honest With Your Gift-givers About Your Size

To Be Prepared for The Holiday Season

Your holiday events calendar is an essential item to set up in advance, so you are prepared for the season. Think about all of the parties, plays, shows, and other events you might be attending or asked to go to with friends. See what is in your closet that can be worn differently or have something added to it to give it a new look.

Armed with your list of what you have, go shopping to see how you could add to what you have or purchase new items to wear for your event schedule. It is fun to see how many different ways you can wear the same things and have them look entirely different. This mindset will allow you to expand on the clothing in your closet, and it will also keep you from adding things that are not a fit with the image you want to maintain.

Making a statement in your wardrobe choices gives you consistency, giving you visual credibility with those you know and meet. The importance of this needs to be in the front of your mind when shopping. Before adding the item, you have seen. Does the new prospective item match what you know you like or want to look like with how you dress on an ongoing basis?

Remember, you will look different from the model you saw the garment displayed on when you entered the store or department where the items were being sold, in the store’s windows, or the visual department decorations around the store. Sometimes they are meant to be pretty but are impractical actually to wear.

Suppose you can be an objective shopper by knowing what you would look good in for your body type and size. In that case, it will save you hours of shopping and disappointment after trying something on, then finding it did not work for you. You have a record of what you liked from the past clothing choices and what you passed on. Bring that remembrance to the front of your thinking as you are evaluating new additions to your closet. Occasionally, try on things you have not worn in the past. You can be pleasantly surprised at what will be on your favorite silhouette list and laugh at what you find not working for you.

Being consistent with your wardrobe choices will also allow others who might want to buy your clothing gifts to choose things that will work for you. Nothing more frustrating than to open a present you do not like and then have to take time to return. Be honest with your gift-givers about your size. Yikes! Did I say that? Yes, I did.

Save them the embarrassment of getting you something that does not fit. If you like the item, but it does not fit, when you go to return it or exchange it, you are now going to be disappointed if your real size is no longer available.

Make holiday dressing this year a fun event in itself. Then when you go to the activities you have on your calendar, you will be doubly blessed. You had fun picking the outfit to wear. Then, you had fun going to the event because you knew you looked like a million dollars and then the bonus: getting compliments!