Having Choices

Your Wardrobe Will Become Very Easy and Fun

Have Consistency With Your Selected Image

The value of your wardrobe

In every area of our life, we do business with people, companies, and industries with a consistent image. That is why so much effort is on communicating consistency. It is called Brand marketing and works as well for a product as it does for a person.

See if you are consistent

Evaluate your image to see if you are consistent in every area of your dressing. Make adjustments as necessary so that you present a good impression each time from casual out to formal. Once you establish your look, it is easy to add new items to your wardrobe. Your key when you are shopping is consistency with your selected image.

Is the new piece of clothing a match

Another way to think of this is to have a bowl of apples (your image preference). You place an orange on top of the bowl, and you are immediately aware that something is different. Use this same idea as you are shopping for new items of clothing to add to your wardrobe. Is the new piece of clothing a match. In our example above, an apple, or a mismatch, is an orange. With a small amount of practice adding items to your wardrobe will become very easy and fun.

Determining new ways to wear your existing garments

Most people only wear 20 to 30% of their wardrobe. Having a working wardrobe rather than a hanging wardrobe will allow you more flexibility in the combination of outfits you have to choose from at far less cost to you. Suppose it does not fit correctly or cannot make multiple combinations with the items you are purchasing. In that case, the thing you are trying to buy is not a good addition.

Adding new items to your closet

Using this approach to purchasing clothing will save you a great deal of money. It will allow you only to bring usable items into your wardrobe. It is also useful when deciding to remove items from your existing wardrobe.

Become more flexible and have a fresh new look

Consider three ways to wear the item to achieve three different looks. Allow yourself to have fun as you are determining new ways to wear your existing garments. Then when shopping, you will have a better idea about what to add so the items already in your closet can become more flexible and have a fresh new look.

Increase the percentage of what you are wearing

Your objective is to increase the percentage of what you are wearing to a much higher number. You are looking for the 20 to 30% most people experience. Cleaning out your closet or adding new items to your closet will make you feel more in charge of your wardrobe, increasing your wardrobe’s value.

Nothing is more refreshing that to have the clothing and accessories that really do work and that are in good repair. Visit the product page to find out more about your personal fashion formula.

Having Choices

A New Job May Need A Wardrobe Change

Evaluate and Remove the Clothing That No Longer Works

Facing the closet seems like facing the giants

Springtime is always when the spring cleaning bug begins to stir us into action for cleaning the house and closets. Most seem to avoid the closet until the last thing that needs to be done because of this simple reason—not knowing what to keep and what to find a new home. Closet cleaning is for any time of year and not just in the spring. It especially is for before you are looking for a new job.

How to navigate the keep-not keep debate

In helping people for years with this keep-not keep debate, my experience is that the discussion got started when some clerk at a store talked you into something that was not your best. The majority of the people who have shopped have done the same thing.
• You brought it home and hung it in the closet
• It has stayed there, maybe even with the price tag still on it
• You are not alone.

Nothing to wear

That is what gives you the feeling that you do not have anything to wear. That is true. The styles are a mixture. The fits vary, and the clothing does not go well together with other items you have in the closet. I call that a hanging wardrobe rather than a working wardrobe.

Handle the closet intruders that do not fit

Well, now it is a perfect time when the cleaning bug has us stirred to action to remove the closet intruders, those clothing items that:
• do not fit
• you do not ever wear
• need repairs you do not want to do

An online styling portfolio for men and women shows the exact style assortment for you based on your body type, size, shape, and lifestyle—extraordinary and accurate right from home. At last, a tool to help you see what to keep and what to find new homes for, whether that is re-sale shop, donation, or trash. Use the internet and browse for wardrobe planners or personal shoppers. If someone at a local store provides that service, you can get help from them too.

The hanger on-ers need to go, and this is an excellent time to start weeding them out. Facing the closet often seems like facing the giants, but you can do it.

Spring cleaning (at any time of year) can give you the extra push to evaluate and remove the clothing that no longer works for you.

Nothing is more refreshing that to have the clothing and accessories that really do work and that are in good repair. Visit the product page to find out more about your personal fashion formula.

Having Choices

How to Have Better Proportioned Dressing

It is the real secret to dressing well.

Every man and woman has a least one part of his or her body that they wish was larger or smaller. Most would not admit to just anyone other than closest friends about this wish.
Fortunately, there is another option than plastic surgery to adjust the optical illusion of your body to one of a better proportioned body. It is a function of the way the eye and brain work to create a new optical illusion that is more pleasing to our eyes.

Your body did not change, just the way your brain interpreted what the eye was seeing. It is very exciting to know that this can happen just by the way the clothing and accessories are worn.
This ideal calculation for the clothing and accessories you are selecting to wear is determined by the brain and calculated instantly. The decisions that the brain makes are influenced by the position of your clothing and accessories and those fortunately can be adjusted to improve the image illusion and change the way the brain sees you.

There are a variety of effects that can be achieved. Some look taller, some slimmer, some shorter and some even appear more credible. Who knew that the clothing and accessory position could be so influential? Besides it is a relief to know that clothing and accessories can aid you in creating the optical illusion of a better proportioned body.

Make a list of the following body parts: shoulders, chest, waist and hips. When finished, look closely at yourself in the mirror. If any of these parts look disproportionate on your body, place a check mark next to them on the list and write a short explanation of the problem. Some common examples include narrow shoulders, small bust and wide hips. When finished, look at yourself again and make note of any body parts you especially like.
• Determine which illusions you would like to create based on what you have written.
• Learn how color and pattern create the optical illusion of changing size.
• Learn how texture affects a garment’s illusory capabilities.

Apply your new knowledge next time you go shopping for clothes. Before you remove something from the rack to try it on, ask yourself, “Do the colors, patterns and textures in this garment draw attention to the right places?” Don’t be afraid to be picky. For any given person, there are many more unflattering clothes out there than flattering ones; but this makes it all the more gratifying to find the right pieces.

Having this knowledge can give you a level of confidence and courage to continue to search for just the right clothing and accessories to add to your wardrobe and also to take out of your wardrobe.
If you have not worn something in a year, you need to give it a very serious evaluation to see why it should remain in your wardrobe. Granted some items are only worn occasionally to certain types of occasions that do not happen very often but those are the exception.

The ones you are really after are the closet hangers that just do not fit into the rest of your wardrobe and probably will not ever be worn. Some of those items still may have the price tags on them so you can identify them quickly and remove them easily. Someone somewhere else could use them and you could use the closet space you have opened up.

Nothing is more refreshing that to have the clothing and accessories that really do work and that are in good repair. visit the product page to find out more about your personal fashion formula.

Having Choices

Transforming Your Wardrobe is Easy if You Know How to Do It

Many garments could look better with just a few alterations.

Early in my sewing career, I had a choir ask for 50 dresses to be designed and sewn for them for a special event they were presenting. I did all of the measurements, pattern making, and sewing. When I attended the event, I noticed some of the ladies looked great, and some not so great.

Since I had done all of the work on creating these garments, I immediately went to work to discover what caused the difference in the results I saw. I found that even with the clothing in my wardrobe that some garments looked fabulous. Some not so great.

The thing that kept influencing the result of the overall look was clothing placement. With years of training in anatomy, the bone structure became important in understanding how each person puts together, and its influence on the way clothing looks.

Since each clothing designer chooses the height, size, and shape of the person they like to design for, many garments could look better with just a little tweaking. That is why alterations often need to be made for the garments you purchase or gifts you received to add to your wardrobe. It is not your body. It is the way the clothing is fitting your body. Remember, we are clothing hangers, as the garments hang from our shoulders.

Change The Length The Garments In Your Wardrobe To Be In Your Personal Proportion

Like a diagram for a room, the blueprint shows where to place the furniture. For clothing, each person needs to know where to put clothing on their body. So it works for their proportion and bone structure.

Padding (or weight ) around your bones does not influence your vertical placement formula. A cool side effect of putting clothing in the right place for your proportion is that you can visually look like you weigh less.

I appreciate being able to take all the guesswork out of what to wear. When making clothing purchases so that every garment in my wardrobe is a garment that looks great with your proportions, your vertical proportions use bone structure and how they showcase your proportions. It will be valuable for you to become aware of your head size, where your arms attach, where your waist is, and how you are put together in your proportions.

The result is you can save thousands of dollars by transforming your current wardrobe and when making new clothing purchases that will flatter you every time.

Wardrobe update. It is so simple for you to make minor changes to your clothing that they need for you to have the right proportion for your clothing. More information about how you can find out your personal proportion is on the Product page.

The key to having a working wardrobe rather than just a hanging wardrobe is that every garment is one that fits. Your clothing can be a working wardrobe when mixed with the other items in your wardrobe easily. Use these changes to fit your lifestyle.

Improve your image instantly by having your clothing in the right place for you.

In the area of your wardrobe, you can take a fantastic leap forward by knowing your personal proportion and using this information every time you get dressed.

Having Choices

How to Know Just How Unique You Indeed Are

Learn the Real Secret to Dressing Well

You might think that not having a super fit body, a large wardrobe budget, or a personal stylist is why you have a problem wardrobe or any wardrobe woes.

Your Personal Fashion Formula

Everyone has found themselves standing in front of a stuffed closet, thinking that we have nothing to wear. At that moment, we wonder what the real secret to dressing well is and what happened in our closet.

Take heart and be courageous if your closet seems filled with a miss-matched wardrobe that you could never squeeze a decent outfit out of for any event you might need to attend.
With just a few simple math principles of harmony, beauty, and proportion, you soon could find yourself in front of that same closet with the wardrobe of your dreams

Now do not get excited. You will not have to calculate any math problems to have this result at your fingertips. We each have our own unique personal mathematical fashion formula. When we heard each of us was unique, that was the whole truth of the statement.

The result of knowing just how unique you indeed are is rewarded by looking more stylish in every way. Some look thinner, and some look younger, some look taller. Whatever the result for you, you will find yourself with more confidence and a better understanding of the type of clothing styles that will enhance your body the most. It is just a matter of applying your fashion formula.

Since the world around us and everything we consider to be beautiful shows proportion, it makes sense to wear the clothing that makes us look our best would use these proportion principles. Knowing your fashion formula allows you to use this formula as your secret weapon to discovering the most flattering way to wear every article of clothing in your closet.

From the best length of a skirt or top to the ideal dress or accessory, its power to create the perfect outfit is genuinely extraordinary. This knowledge can be applied whether you are shopping in the back of your closet or buying something new at the mall.

We have often heard the statement knowledge is power. Well, in this case, applied knowledge is power. Your fashion formula will take any outfit from frumpy to fabulous in record time.

Who knew that our own personal math formula would be so essential to understand and use.
• Whether giving new life to those clothing items in your closet that have been hanging in there taking up valuable space that you did not know what to do
• Finding just the right new outfit that has every detail in line with your formula
• Knowing your personal fashion formula is exciting and makes your dressing life so much easier
• Makes dressing more fun when you know you look your best every time.

I have designed and produced ladies’ clothing, am a professional image architect, and have shopped for both men and women for many years. I am the developer of the Personal Fashion Formula called the Body:Gram Fashion Tool. Click on Products to see information about how to get your personal fashion formula.

Having Choices

Opportunity to be Seen and Heard Increases Significantly

When interviewing, your clothing plays the top supporting role.
Many people are in the process of job hunting, promotions, and starting their own companies. If you are interested in having a positive outcome from these activities, add these tips to your search and your dressing presentation when being interviewed.

Dressing For The Job You Want
There are different types of categories for jobs in a business. Each category of a job has a way of dressing to help the customer feel comfortable doing business with someone from that industry.

When interviewing, your clothing plays the top role. Your conduct, interpersonal skills, and ability to speak intelligently with well thought out responses to questions play the next supporting roles.

Appropriate attire suggests you are a person who takes the interview process seriously and understands the nature of the industry where you want to work.

In some industries, customer contact, and the image you present to the customer is critical. That is why some companies have dress codes. You will need to comply with their definition of the dress code.

Are You Able to Fit Into Their Dress Code?
When you are joining someone’s staff:
It’s about their image first.
Then your ability to comply with the dress code
The way you dress allows you to be considered for a position.
If you are already employed there, it will influence your promotion.

Many companies have image standards that have been developed over many years and at a sometimes considerable expense. So, factor in if you can fit into that dress code and standard before choosing to interview with that company.

When interviewing, your attire should be appropriate, but not take center stage. The way you select your clothing and accessories should always support your face as the place your interviewer’s eyes rest when they are speaking to you.

When the interviewer can focus on your face, they can hear what you are saying when you answer the questions as they cover your skills. Remember, your opportunity to be seen and heard increases significantly when your face is not in competition with something you are wearing.

Visit the Products page to learn more about the Body:Gram Fashion Tool which is your personal fashion formula for dressing.