Having Choices

Transforming Your Wardrobe is Easy if You Know How to Do It

Many garments could look better with just a few alterations.

Early in my sewing career, I had a choir ask for 50 dresses to be designed and sewn for them for a special event they were presenting. I did all of the measurements, pattern making, and sewing. When I attended the event, I noticed some of the ladies looked great, and some not so great.

Since I had done all of the work on creating these garments, I immediately went to work to discover what caused the difference in the results I saw. I found that even with the clothing in my wardrobe that some garments looked fabulous. Some not so great.

The thing that kept influencing the result of the overall look was clothing placement. With years of training in anatomy, the bone structure became important in understanding how each person puts together, and its influence on the way clothing looks.

Since each clothing designer chooses the height, size, and shape of the person they like to design for, many garments could look better with just a little tweaking. That is why alterations often need to be made for the garments you purchase or gifts you received to add to your wardrobe. It is not your body. It is the way the clothing is fitting your body. Remember, we are clothing hangers, as the garments hang from our shoulders.

Change The Length The Garments In Your Wardrobe To Be In Your Personal Proportion

Like a diagram for a room, the blueprint shows where to place the furniture. For clothing, each person needs to know where to put clothing on their body. So it works for their proportion and bone structure.

Padding (or weight ) around your bones does not influence your vertical placement formula. A cool side effect of putting clothing in the right place for your proportion is that you can visually look like you weigh less.

I appreciate being able to take all the guesswork out of what to wear. When making clothing purchases so that every garment in my wardrobe is a garment that looks great with your proportions, your vertical proportions use bone structure and how they showcase your proportions. It will be valuable for you to become aware of your head size, where your arms attach, where your waist is, and how you are put together in your proportions.

The result is you can save thousands of dollars by transforming your current wardrobe and when making new clothing purchases that will flatter you every time.

Wardrobe update. It is so simple for you to make minor changes to your clothing that they need for you to have the right proportion for your clothing. More information about how you can find out your personal proportion is on the Product page.

The key to having a working wardrobe rather than just a hanging wardrobe is that every garment is one that fits. Your clothing can be a working wardrobe when mixed with the other items in your wardrobe easily. Use these changes to fit your lifestyle.

Improve your image instantly by having your clothing in the right place for you.

In the area of your wardrobe, you can take a fantastic leap forward by knowing your personal proportion and using this information every time you get dressed.