Having Choices

The Unique Recipe for A New Outfit

Create New Looks That Stay Fashion Fresh

Begin by Creating Your Signature Wardrobe Style

Then go about building your business with that wardrobe style with your personal touches. Be aware of how your personality influences your wardrobe choices, how that impacts your business branding, and your customer interactions.
In business, there are three types of dressing styles. There is formal business, informal business, and creative business.

Decide which type of business you are in and what clothing style matches your personality type for that business category.
If you are in creative business, have an informal business clothing combination, so if you need to connect with someone in an informal business, you can do that easily.

If you, still using the creative business personality and way of dressing, need to go to a formal business like the bank for a loan or to see your accountant, wear your formal business outfit. You will be able to quickly get your business handled and not create a problem with your formal business person. They will be able to do what you are asking them to do without being overwhelmed by your creative personality and way of dressing.

Once you get back to your business, you can dress in what is comfortable for you to express your personality. Set your appointments in such a way that you can dress to be a match for the business you are seeing.

I once lost an opportunity to work for a company because my recruiter set up appointments with several businesses and gave me directions about the type of clothing to wear. The only job out of the three interviews I wanted was with a company that I could have easily dressed to look like one of their employees. I didn’t have time to go home and change, so the clothing I wore was not appropriate for that interview.

You guessed it. I changed recruiters. Unfortunately, I never got an opportunity to apply to the company I wanted to work for even when one of my former bosses called on my behalf.

What sets an outfit apart and makes it fabulous and what makes it dull is a question I often get from clients. Ordinary dressing often can be transformed by adding an item that you have selected and developed as part of your signature style.

Your unique twist is essential.

That takes the ordinary outfit and makes it extraordinary, giving you the confidence to face your day.
It might be the accessories
Your striking color combinations
The way you wear your clothing
The clothing wardrobe’s style
These things enhance your particular frame, height, or coloring.

While putting an outfit together can be a frustration for many. With the right frame of mind and being pointed in the right direction for you, it can be an outlet of creative expression and take your wardrobe to new levels. Suppose you have a core of wardrobe pieces that are your worker items. In that case, you can add to them to create new looks that stay fashion fresh and current to the trends plus have your unique spin without spending a lot of extra on clothing each season.

Add to your core basics:

Pops of unexpected color. Play with the newest colors on the fashion scene and see if you can add them to your core style in unexpected ways.

Add accessories for an opportunity to create a style twist for your current wardrobe. Expressing yourself as only you can do will help you make new combinations in your wardrobe that are unique to you and stand out for all the right reasons.

Wear your items in unexpected ways or combined them in unexpected ways. These items can breathe life into your current wardrobe and add mileage for your core wardrobe pieces. Ask yourself, how could I change the necessary details of clothing or accessories I put on to provide my outfit with a fresh new look.

Then try out several new ideas so you can get a feel if you really would wear them together or not. Spend a bit of time when you have time and see what new ideas you can find. Jot them down in a notebook, so when you want to recall them, you remember the pieces you put together. Be sure to add shoes and jewelry and your handbag to the unique recipe for the new outfit.

Signature wardrobe items that help you express who you are should be worn or added regularly. Your audience-everyone regularly sees you as consistent in your dressing style in line with your creative, informal, or formal type of business dressing guidelines.

The level of confidence that this will add to your life can be quite unusual. You will be able to face the world on a moment’s notice because you spent some time creating the looks in your wardrobe that you feel represent who you are when you wear them.

Watch that you are not ho-hum one day and fabulous the next because that will confuse your audience. Your wardrobe’s signature style is easy to create with a bit of attention on your part to the details that you feel make a statement about you to those you meet.

Most loved playing dress-up when we were kids, so think of this as a grown-up version of playing dress-up. Your signature wardrobe that makes a statement about who you are will be your reward for your time playing.