Body:Gram fashion toolLet me get straight to the point with you.

When it comes to shopping and adding garments to your wardrobe, we tend to be scattered with looks that are not consistent with the image we want to have. My family and friends started to notice a change in my appearance…that I have a SECRET when it comes to dressing and looking great in every garment in my wardrobe.

When I Went To The Closet, I Was Actually Happy and Excited!

I began to pay attention to my clothing choices and how the lengths changed the illusion of how the garments looked on me. You might not think that was a big deal but I noticed that I could look fabulous or frumpy just by changing something as simple as the lengths. In addition, I could look like I weighed less than I actually do (in my case, a good thing while I am lowering my scale number from the increase I experienced after my accident).

Can You Relate To Feeling Frumpy In Your Clothing?

If you have ever been uncomfortable in your clothing then you can totally relate to what I’m saying. Opening the closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Trying on several sets of garments before finally settling on an outfit that you do not feel your best in or doesn’t fit.

The Frustration Of Not Knowing What Is Making The Garment Look Less Than The Best On You Can Be Annoying.

When their is so much information from the fashion industry about what they think looks good and does not look good only adds to the confusion of what you should wear. Models that are no where close to your body shape or style are shown wearing clothing that may not be appropriate for your life style or activities you participate in on a regular basis. Retail clothing stores just want to sell you what they say is what will work for you.

That is until YOU take action, do something about it and take control!

When Is It Going To End?

It Can End Right Now…
You Are In Control And In The Driver’s Seat!

You my friend, can be in control of your image, your wardrobe and in the driver’s seat just like me. All you have to do is take action!… step on the peddle and GO! …because the truth is that you can break this vicious cycle and break free! You can get information from the fashion industry to show you the latest colors and styles and then step back to allow yourself to choose what will work best for your lifestyle.

Here’s my truth… I make or buy the garments that look best on me. What my family and friends are noticing is the real deal. I can choose whatever I want or need for myself because I’m aware of what looks good on me! Yep! You read that right.

Everything In My Closet Works!

Sounds liberating doesn’t it? You can only imagine the sense of joy, happiness and freedom you get knowing that you have a working wardrobe. It is a true sense of elation. NO STRESS AND NO WORRIES! Knowing that whatever you put on looks great on you.

Wouldn’t You Like To Have A Wardrobe That Works?

Well… YOU CAN! You see my family and friends have convinced me to share my SECRET… it’s a System actually, my method that I used to correct the clothing and accessory details and lengths that are just for me and now you can use the same System to have a personalized tool created for yourself!

Introducing My Secret Weapon To Your Personalized Proportion and your personal fashion formula.

Head To Toe Only Clothing And Accessories In The Green Means Go

personalized fashion formula tape

Here Are Some Of The Secrets You Will Learn With
The Body:Gram Fashion Tool Kit

Benefit #1 How To Dress With More Confidence!

Benefit #2 How To Manage Your Visual Impression In Your Clothing

Benefit #3 How To Experience Image Effectiveness!

Benefit #4 How To Make The Impression You Want To Make

Benefit #5 How To Experience Visual Credibility!

Benefit #6 How To Be Seen And Heard

Benefit #7 How To Let Your Clothing Do The Work For You!

PLUS A Whole Lot More!

This system is meant for you… See below how it has already helped these folks… real results from real people…

I Love My Tape–I Carry It With Me And Use It All Of The Time! S F Greve

Marjorie, Thank You For Creating My Body:Gram Fashion Tape And Using It When You Made My Clothing. It Has Allowed Me To Look Significantly Slimmer Than I Am And I Appreciate The Visual Weight Loss That It Allows Me To Experience On A Regular Basis. C Maier

Marjorie, M.B.Cabot here, Thank You For Meeting Me As Soon As I Got Back From My Trip So You Could Create Another Body:Gram Fashion Tool For Me To Replace The One That Was In My Purse That Was Stolen While I Was On My Trip. I Just Can’t Be Without It! Thanks For Inventing Such A Simple System That Has So Much Of An Impact!

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