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How to Create The Perfect Dressing Formula

How to Look and Find Fashion Trends

How to Determine Cycles of Fashion Trends

A Fashionista closely follows fashion trends. It is a slang term for people (man or woman) who like the style and who loves to wear something stylish and fashionable.

It’s a fashionista’s worst experience, the fear of looking yesteryear with wearing an old fashion trend.
Sometimes, fashion trends are fads. The fashion industry leaders are always on the hunt to bring up something “NEW” & “HOT.”
What is Considered a Fashion Trend?
The trend is something new that is evolving in fashion, the fashion industry’s latest evolution.

What is A Fashion Trend?

Your closet can answer. Are you matching your steps with the latest fashion trends? You may be a person who walks their way and dresses as they like. In the fashion industry it is a continuously changing world; even though some trends are ludicrous and outdated, many others come back with innovative ideas.

Pace and Re-emergence of Latest Fashion Trends

When looking at the latest fashion trends, they may not be new at all. Almost everything re-emerges in fashion. History shows that fashion trends are on a 30-year cycle. The styles 30 years ago have a fresh twist added to them.

Who Decides What’s ‘Hot’ and What’s ‘Not.’

There is no specific group that declares what is hot fashion or not.
‘WE,’ the consumer, decides which merchandise is hot by making up our minds about what to purchase and wear.

The Fashion Trend Cycle

The first part of the cycle comes when the trend is searched immediately, right after the runway or the red carpet.
In the emulation phase, everyone wants to join the trend. A manufacturing company will join a designer in making the garment, hat, or shoe available immediately or the morning after.

This new item will appear in newspapers, fashion magazines, TV, and the internet during the second phase.
Last, the trend is in the mass market, in stores or online, commonly at a lower price.

Now producers put the fashion cycle into rapid speed. A hot trend often makes its arrival at low cost or discount retail stores in a few days or a few months.

Ins & Outs of Fashion Trends

Reasonably priced fashionable clothing makes it possible to buy trendy looks at real-life budgets. At the same time, it leads to reducing the trend rapidly. If the stores are completely saturated with the new trend, it loses its appeal.

So How Can We Know How Long a Fashion Trend Will Last?

Most fashion trends last about one year, but some trends can last much longer. Usually, fashion trends re-emerge about every twenty to thirty years.

The key to how long a trend will last depends on when you bought the clothing. If you purchased in the knock-off or discounts phase when those trends were going on at the retail store, then the amount of time for the trend lasts, not more one or two seasons.

The fashion industry typically puts two seasons together, Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter, which provides you about six months to wear the trend before it seems outdated.

No one knows for sure how long a fashion trend will last. You might find it fun to purchase an item even if the direction is winding down. There are the evergreen items you can buy at any time.

Purchasing power can keep a trend going. In some cases, people loved a particular trend so much they wouldn’t let it go.
The key to rapidly changing fashion trends is to have your closet stocked with more traditional looks. Add in the trends to spice up your basics.

Perfect dressing

The perfect dressing formula is an ideal combination of styles that enhance your features. Clothing that flatters your unique shape, height, and weight to create a more balanced finished look.

Every person has flaws they might want to hide. It’s often harder to admit the right parts about yourself than the bad. Don’t get caught up in hating everything you don’t think adds up to looking perfect. Learn how to CONCEAL your unflattering features and REVEAL flattering features. Tone down what you think might be your flaws and play up favorite features! Use the trends to have more closet combinations.