Having Choices

Clothing Makes a Statement Positive or Negative

Consistency Allows You to Be More Credible

Wardrobe and Visual Credibility Go Together
When you meet another person, you are evaluated first by your dress, the second how you speak, and third by your words. If you feel misunderstood, the first place to check is your appearance, the clothing you are wearing, and what you are doing?-?next, check how you are speaking and then what you are saying.

You make a statement that is positive or negative. When it comes to other opinions, there is a minimal gray area. First impressions and image management allow you to experience impression management, which is a crucial skill in the world today.

If you are making the wrong image statement, it is easy to overlook. That is why being consistent with your image from day to day is so important. The consistency allows you to be more credible to yourself and others.

Visual credibility then allows for the person you are meeting to enable you to present your information to them. If you are not visually credible, you often do not get an opportunity to present your material. It might be the exact information the person you are meeting needs but, if you are not allowed to explain it, they will miss the chance of receiving what they were trying to find. Because of the credibility gap, you may never be able to present the information to them.

It is unfortunate that packaging-the way you are dressing-could keep you from being successful in the world when trying to share your information. Consider that any effort in the area of image or image improvement could significantly impact your success.

Many people do not want to be bothered. Still, suppose they only knew the difference their image was making. In that case, it might give them a reason to reconsider image importance.