Having Choices

Clothing Makes a Statement Positive or Negative

Consistency Allows You to Be More Credible

Wardrobe and Visual Credibility Go Together
When you meet another person, you are evaluated first by your dress, the second how you speak, and third by your words. If you feel misunderstood, the first place to check is your appearance, the clothing you are wearing, and what you are doing?-?next, check how you are speaking and then what you are saying.

You make a statement that is positive or negative. When it comes to other opinions, there is a minimal gray area. First impressions and image management allow you to experience impression management, which is a crucial skill in the world today.

If you are making the wrong image statement, it is easy to overlook. That is why being consistent with your image from day to day is so important. The consistency allows you to be more credible to yourself and others.

Visual credibility then allows for the person you are meeting to enable you to present your information to them. If you are not visually credible, you often do not get an opportunity to present your material. It might be the exact information the person you are meeting needs but, if you are not allowed to explain it, they will miss the chance of receiving what they were trying to find. Because of the credibility gap, you may never be able to present the information to them.

It is unfortunate that packaging-the way you are dressing-could keep you from being successful in the world when trying to share your information. Consider that any effort in the area of image or image improvement could significantly impact your success.

Many people do not want to be bothered. Still, suppose they only knew the difference their image was making. In that case, it might give them a reason to reconsider image importance.

Having Choices

Stop Being Overlooked As A Person

When You Are Going for An Interview

Having the Face As Your Focal Point
As you look through the fashion magazines today, you will notice that the clothing is where your eye goes, and the person wearing the clothing gets missed. People can ignore you if you purchase the same items and wear them the way you saw them on the mannequin.

Get Hired and Don’t Miss Any Available Promotions
When you are trying to go for an interview, it is not a good thing when they overlook you. If you are already in a job, it might mean you missed any available promotions or do not get the credit for your work and ideas.

The thing that is an essential detail that you need to pay attention to is: are you seen in what you are wearing. Being seen applies to both men and women. In business, they have to see and remember you. If you want to be the one to get the order, command attention from the group you are presenting your program. Remember, your audience must be able to get to and stay focused on your face. Otherwise, their mind is off on a dialog about something unrelated to what you are telling them.

How to Get Your Work Done
We have all had that experience, the mind chatter kicks in, and we completely missed the person’s point. Then, you have to have the material repeated so you can try to listen the second time they go through their presentation. Sometimes, the clothing or the accessories are so distracting that we never get the information?-?a massive waste of time for them and you.

How to Be the One to Get The Order
Be sure to dress is such a way that the people meeting you can get to and stay focused on your face. That way, you can be efficient in your connections and in getting your work done.

Having Choices

Opportunity to be Seen and Heard Increases Significantly

When interviewing, your clothing plays the top supporting role.
Many people are in the process of job hunting, promotions, and starting their own companies. If you are interested in having a positive outcome from these activities, add these tips to your search and your dressing presentation when being interviewed.

Dressing For The Job You Want
There are different types of categories for jobs in a business. Each category of a job has a way of dressing to help the customer feel comfortable doing business with someone from that industry.

When interviewing, your clothing plays the top role. Your conduct, interpersonal skills, and ability to speak intelligently with well thought out responses to questions play the next supporting roles.

Appropriate attire suggests you are a person who takes the interview process seriously and understands the nature of the industry where you want to work.

In some industries, customer contact, and the image you present to the customer is critical. That is why some companies have dress codes. You will need to comply with their definition of the dress code.

Are You Able to Fit Into Their Dress Code?
When you are joining someone’s staff:
It’s about their image first.
Then your ability to comply with the dress code
The way you dress allows you to be considered for a position.
If you are already employed there, it will influence your promotion.

Many companies have image standards that have been developed over many years and at a sometimes considerable expense. So, factor in if you can fit into that dress code and standard before choosing to interview with that company.

When interviewing, your attire should be appropriate, but not take center stage. The way you select your clothing and accessories should always support your face as the place your interviewer’s eyes rest when they are speaking to you.

When the interviewer can focus on your face, they can hear what you are saying when you answer the questions as they cover your skills. Remember, your opportunity to be seen and heard increases significantly when your face is not in competition with something you are wearing.

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